How to Ride a Bike (Write a Blog) in a Day

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For Christmas my four-year-old received the best gift ever (“Ev. Er!” she said). A handy dandy, hot-pink princess bike with all the bells and whistles. A formidable first. First bike. First ride. First racing heartbeat as she set off alone into the wild blue yonder. And by that, I mean just around the cul-de-sac. Hey, that’s tough terrain for a first-timer.

There she went, in pure awe of her self-accomplishment, belly giggling the whole way. If I could bottle her sheer joy and excitement, I’d swig it all day long. I watched as she peddled at awfully high speeds, conquering the wind. Repaving the roads. Nothing could go wrong. Until it did.

She encountered a crack in the pavement and a twist in her flawless route. Blindsided by a dip in the road, she veered off track. And that unforeseen, rocky descent took her balance and her confidence with it, and then ruthlessly stole her newfound zeal.

“If only I’d been holding those handlebars,” I thought. Yet she’d beckoned me to stand back. “She had this.” So I held my breath as she held my heart. Standing a few arms’ lengths away, I rushed in to scoop her up and dust her off. I then muffled her wails and hugged her bruises, inside and out. Both of us were keenly aware of the few onlookers, so I bandaged her pride with my words and whispered, “It’s OK. EVERYbody falls down.”

And then we both had a choice. To scrap the bike and head indoors, or set back on the course, placing the accident in the rearview mirror, and focusing on the horizon of hope straight ahead. We chose the latter. Thankfully.

For those like me, 2013 was an accidental blur, or a bumbling blur of accidents. Some ups, but mostly downs. I certainly fell off this new blog nearly as soon as I hopped on. Biting the dust and suffering some scrapes in more ways than one. At the close of 2012 I unexpectedly watched my mom close her eyes into eternity as I opened mine to a haze of grief.

And I’ve sure stayed down far longer than my 4-year-old cyclist. Perhaps I got a little too comfy in the dirt. Until I hit the crossroads of 2013 and 2014. The CROSSroad. Where fear and faith collide, but where love always presides. The choice is mine while the answer is His. So I choose to stand up. Right here where a Heavenly Father scoops me up and sets me back on a purpose-filled path. Right here. As that still, small voice with bandaging words says, “Write here.”

So this is how I’ll learn to ride (write) a bike (a blog) in a day:
(Insert your goal here:______________________)

1. Stay in arms’ reach of the Father.
2. Anticipate the inevitable falls.
3. Even more, anticipate an unfailing Savior.
4. Get back up and on.
5. Know that it’s never too late to start again.
6. Encourage others to do the same.
7. And ask for others to ride along–for the pit stops and the pitfalls.

So back on the bike (blog) we go. Ride on girlfriend! Write on!

6 thoughts on “How to Ride a Bike (Write a Blog) in a Day

  1. Absolutely the TRUTH and absolutely what I needed to hear at the start of 2014! Can’t wait to see where this year will take us and what kind of a journey God has in store! Keep writing! I love your work!

  2. Christie, I am late in responding but also WRITE on time 🙂 This was so fluidly written I could drink it! I have too much to say all at the same time!! Thanks for letting me know about your blog! Looking forward to it and praying still that the favor of The Lord cross our paths again!!! Yes and Amen!

    • Aw sweet Krista! You’re just in time. How I’d love a face-to-face, catch-up session. God divinely connected our paths–and I’m believing He ‘aint done yet. 😉 And you’ll have to tell me–is your pen still on pause?

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