An HIMpossible Challenge for an HIMpossible Year: Get [Outside the Box!]


I received my New Year’s Resolution two weeks late, but right on time. (Happy NEW Year Y’ALL, by the way!) Like a big ‘ole gift plopped right at my front door. And maybe you want the same one too.

Here it is—I resolve to have an HIMpossible year! Yep, that’s what I said. Not impossible. HIMpossible. Where ALL things really are possible—with Him.

I want to live a life reflective of the verse, “For ALL things are possible with God.” (Mark 10:27)

I don’t want to just read the words on a page.  I want to SEE and LIVE them in the flesh.  Inhaling and exhaling with every thought, word, and deed.

Where miracles—wait for it—REALLY happen in our lives. {Gasp!} You too?  Well, then here’s our first step:  We gotta open the box. And then live outside the box. I’m not talking about a ready-made “miracle-in-a-box,” though the pre-2015 Christie sure wished she had one.

I mean the box of limitations we all carry.  And even more, the box we put God in when we carry His Word and don’t live it out—when we don’t let Him out.

So forget that I said open the box.  What I meant to say was, allow the Holy Spirit to blow the lid off the box. Obliterate it and disintegrate it.  Send it packing, like swirling shrapnel soaring into oblivion NEVER to be put back on again!

Sounds pretty impossible, huh? It is—without Him.

Now I ain’t all that smart (see what I mean?).  But here’s what I’m smart enough to glean.  God’s Word doesn’t say SOME things are possible for those who believe.  Nope.  He says ALL things are possible. (Mark 9:23) No asterisks.*  (No parentheses).  No conditions.  No commentary.  No exceptions.  No doubts. No excuses. [No boxes.]

NO: It’s gotta be this way. Or that way.  He did it then, but not now. It was for them, but not us.  Don’t do that.  You gotta do this. If you do that, He can’t do this. Look what I do, it’s for me and not you.  Huh, well too bad this ain’t true.

What if instead WE READ His Word, and then we took Him at HIS WORD?

So why such a passionate resolution?  Because I’ve got some seemingly impossible situations in 2015.   You probably do too.  Perhaps there’s family issues or health issues.  Addictions. Depression. Lost loved ones.  And all the other HIMpossible “un’s.” The ones, the prayers, that you can barely believe because— “It would HAVE to take a miracle.”

We ALL have one.  We may even be—the one. So we turn to the miracle-working One who makes ALL things new. (Rev. 21:5)

While we’re at it, check out my front door. God showed me something easy to see, yet a little hard for me to grasp.  I really do still have big ‘ole boxes sitting there from CHRISTmas. Unopened. Just waiting on me.  And I ordered them. I asked for them. Believed for them–and received them. Yet I haven’t even taken the gifts out of the box.


They do me no good inside the box. They’re useless, powerless, and I can’t even enjoy them or share them–until they come OUT of the box.

HE is SO GOOD y’all! I can barely contain it. So I WON’T.

Hurry up and duck—‘because the lid on this box is about to go flying!  Sweet friends, I’m believing for you and receiving WITH you in this miraculous 2015!

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How to Make a Sonshine Box

How to Make a Sonshine Box