Mirror, you’ve got to GO!


I don’t care what you think, and I sure don’t care what I look like.  Hey, did that sound OK, or was it too harsh?  And tell me—is my lipstick smudged, any leftover spinach in my teeth, or dangling friends in my nose? Wait, I shouldn’t have asked that.  That was too much wasn’t it?

You get my point.  We women think too hard and care too much about the perceptions of others.  I say “we” because it just makes me feel better.  Is that OK?  Oops.  There I go again.

I began the Fall in my year-long study on the life of Moses, trudging to the promise land.  And I began this year exclaiming and believing that I’d have an “Himpossible” year, where with God, all things are possible for those who believe. (Mark 9:23)

I’m still sinking my toes into the sand and sinking my teeth into His Word.  I haven’t yet made it to the milk and honey, but I’m chewing on a few things that may take me closer.

Several miles back, I encountered some women in Exodus who left a convicting taste in my mouth. I couldn’t miss them—standing there at the entrance to the tent of meeting.   Right outside the tabernacle that God directed His people to build.  Where His presence showed up.

The builders were hard at work, decking the place out just as God commanded.  When it came time to make the hand-washing, heart-cleansing basin—a pre-picture of what Christ does in us, here’s how it got done and here’s who God used to do it:

They made the bronze basin and its bronze stand from the mirrors of the women who served at the entrance to the tent of meeting. Exodus 38:8

There they stood—God-pleasing, people-loving women. 

As I eyed those old testament ladies, I couldn’t help but think about us faith-filled new testament women.  I can see the Sunday morning pearly smiles of those who greet at the entrance to the wide-open church doors.  And all of us who welcome those God’s placed in our lives and along our paths on all of the other days.

Here we stand, mirroring His Word, sharing His love, and reflecting the light of the world.  Positioned at The Door—which is Christ Himself. (John 10:9)

I just love that part.  But here’s the part I didn’t like about those forerunning greeters, yet it’s exactly what I need and precisely what He asks. They had to give up something.  Their valuables.  And not just any valuables.  Their mirrors!  Cringe.  Head shake. Tight grip.  Rewind. They didn’t have to.  They chose to.

As we share Him, and choose to transparently reveal what He’s done in us and through us—to fully be used by Him—we have to give up the need to care what we look like.  Sound like.  Act like.

I’m talking to you, but I’m preaching to me.  We have to be less concerned with saving face, and more concerned with reflecting His saving grace.

Not one of us has it all together.  Because if we did, we’d be altogether gone.  We’d already be with Him.

And if we’re actually going to make it to our own ‘personal promised lands’ here, there’s a stop we’ve got to make between believing and receiving.  It’s the place called surrendering.

It’s the place where I finally feel like flinging that mirror across the room (duck if you’re near me), but instead I’ll willingly, gulp, and prayerfully, hand it over. It won’t fit in my promised land luggage anyway.

It’s where we refuse: self-inspection, self-editing, perfection, pride, control, insecurity, fear and all of the primping and smoothing, and lip glossing of our lives.  It’s where we obey even if it hurts.  It’s where He’s made perfect in our weakness, as we reveal His likeness.

I hope you’ll join me with knees in the gritty sand so that fully surrendered we can stand, with spectacular views of the promised land.

One last thing.  I think you’re amazing and beautiful.  But who cares what I think.  HE made you, sees you, and knows that you ARE amazing, beautiful, and to die for.

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How to Make a Sonshine Box

How to Make a Sonshine Box

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